//2017 Sinphar Bio-Forum – Cardiovascular Disease Management

2017 Sinphar Bio-Forum – Cardiovascular Disease Management

On January 13th of this year, Sinphar Group held the 3rd Biomedical Forum in grand fashion with a topic of Prevention and Health Care of Cardiovascular Diseases. The forum invited Tsung-Hsien Lin, Dean of the Intensive Care Unit in the Division of Cardiology at Kaohsuing Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital; Juey-Jen Huang, Director of National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch; Chung-Yao Hsu, Executive Manager of the Sleep Medicine Center at Kaohsuing Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital; Dr. Kazunori Hosoe from the QOL Division at Kaneka Corporation in Japan; and many other experts from Taiwan and Japan from the industry or academia. They delivered inspiring speeches and raised lively discussions, all in hopes of decreasing the risk of Taiwanese people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and educating them in correct lifestyles for prevention and health care.

This is already the third year that Sinphar has held the Biomedical Forum. In the past two years, the forum focused on the topics of “Brain Disease and Its Management in the Era of Senior Care” and “Prevention of Breast Cancer and Development of New Drugs”. Both forums have received wide societal attention and massive response from the general public. This year, Sinphar also hopes that the forum can strengthen the dialogue between medical systems and the general public, so that Sinphar can serve and give back to society.

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