SB05 is an innovative composition of the established cytostatic drug paclitaxel combined with neutral and positive lipids. Due to the positively charged lipids, SB05 interacts with newly developing, negatively charged endothelial cells, which are especially required for the growth of tumor blood vessels. The SB05 paclitaxel component attacks the activated endothelial cells as they divide, thus targeting the blood supply to tumors without affecting the supply to not activated endothelial cells of healthy tissue. By doing this, SB05 is expected to prevent the formation of new tumor blood vessels and to inhibit tumor growth.

Mechanism of Action (MOA)

• The positive charge liposome will accumulate at the newly developed negative charge tumor endothelial cells.
• Through endocytosis, paclitaxel will be released from the lipids to inhibit cell division and stimulate apoptosis. This will also have anti-angiogenesis effect on tumor endothelia cells that will interfere with blood supply.

SB05 Achievements