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epiCam C Hand-Held Color Fundus Camera

  • Record live fundus images, and extract the best still image later
  • Suitable for infants and bedridden patients
  • Provide high-quality images without cornea contact
Typical Desktop Fundus CameraepiCam CTypical Smartphone Attachment
PriceAround 34,000 USDHighly cost-effective130 – 540 USD
ResolutionMedium to highHigh: <10 μmLow
PortabilityDesktop basedHand heldHand held
Hardware requiredPC or laptopLaptop or Windows tabletSpecific, regulatory approved compatible smartphone
SoftwareExtra charge usuallyBuilt inAPP
Regulatory ApprovalCE Marked,
ISO 13485
CE Marked,
ISO 13485 compliant
Some are CE Marked
ImagesStill imagesVideo & stillsVideo & stills
Field35-45° plus eye steering33°V x 45°H plus pan/tilt to very wide angle5-20° claimed
Optical elementsGlass lensHigh-quality glass lensPlastic lens
SensorSpecific elements or SLRHigh-quality specific elementsSmartphone elements
IlluminationWhite flash with red and red-free filteringAdjustable constant whiteWhite phone flash
  • ISO 10940
  • CE Marked