//SynCore Bio SB04 Dry-AMD in Phase II/III trial

SynCore Bio SB04 Dry-AMD in Phase II/III trial

SB04 is an invasive treatment for dry Age-related Macular Degeneration which is available for patient self-applied medication. SB04 has stepped into phase II/III, carrying by National Taiwan University Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. On an ongoing basis, the patients who evolved in the study have achieved 1/4 of the goal.
In terms of the increasing occurrence of retinopathy at a  young age as well as cases resulting from aging, SynCoreBio strives to develop new drugs or early phase diagnostic solutions in ophthalmological.
Hence, the Department of Ophthalmic Diagnostic Device was found in 2013. They drive to introduce novel diagnostic devices of ophthalmy into Taiwan; in 2016, they signed an agreement with Swiss company Y-YBar to develop diagnostic instruments for eye diseases. This year, they enter into collaboration with UK-based Epipole to introduce the innovative product epiCam into Taiwan. In the future, they will continuously expand their outreach in the industry and bring new technologies for patients with ophthalmic diseases.
Up to now, SynCore Bio has all their clinical trial projects kept in progress. SB01 new drugs for head and neck cancer has received approval from both FDA and TFDA for Phase II clinical trial. SB02 is a solid tumor NCE expected to administrate through an oral route which is now in Preclinical trial. Meanwhile, SB05 PC (EndoTAG-1) is currently approved for Phase III in the US, EU, and several Asian countries with results expected later in 2020.

Reference from China Times (http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20180513000263-260207, 05/13/2018)

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